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Modern Architecture

"The work featured in this collection presents a captivating fusion of two worlds: the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence and the timeless beauty of digital painting. My aim with this work is to transcend the boundaries of conventional art and usher in a realm where machines become brushes and screens evolve into canvases. Each piece in this section is a testament to my ability to harness the power of technology as a creative partner, resulting in a body of work that challenges perceptions, sparks curiosity, and paints a vibrant picture of the future of art."

The 10th Dimension is a new gallery space in the Metaverse with a specific emphasis on Art, Community and Transcendence.


Art and Ascension

Rising in Love and Creativity Together

Art and Ascension is a community for artists and creatives who live, work and exist in the light of love and spirit of humanity. 

This is where we share, grow, inspire, uplift and enlighten one another. 

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Art and Ascension



GRAND OPENING EVENT and Exhibition of

The 10th Dimension

Supporter - $50


Friend of the Arts - $150

-public recognition as a supporter of The 10th Dimension


Sponsorship Level 1 -$500

- Exclusive invitations to previews and private artist talks of all exhibitions

- Business or Name on Sponsor Wall

- Grand Opening Digital Art Print


Sponsorship Level 2- $1,000

-Everything in Level 1 PLUS

- Personalized Exclusive Grand Opening Digital Art NFT by  Myesha Francis


Sponsorship Level 3 - $2,500

- Everything in Levels 1 and 2 PLUS

- 1 Year Business Feature or Name in Center Gallery Space 

Sponsorship Levels

Supporter Levels

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