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6 Month LIVE Group Coaching

For Artists and Creatives

Creatively Yours Myesha
Watercolor Paint
Art Studio Wall

Unfold into your vision as an artist and creative

“Unleash Your Creativity”
So that you can live creatively and financially free

Next Live
Group Session 

January 7, 2023
Your creative voice is needed in this world


Exceptional Quality and Service

Art and Business for Artists and Creatives Course

Bi-Weekly Live Zoom Coaching Calls

Art Marketing Systems Development

Creativity Coaching and Monthly Art Critiques

Artist Statement Development
-Free Artist Statement Workbook
($22 Value)

Private Discord Community 

Financial Tips and Resources for Artists

Free Access to 27 Day Creativity Challenge
($27 Value)

Power Packed 

with AI Enhanced Tips, Tools and Tricks for your Creative Journey and Business 

Kanesha T., LA

“Working with Myesha was one of the best experiences of my artistic journey. She helped me to understand how I wanted to present my self and art to the world"

Shalan K., GA

"Myesha is an amazing listener. She was able to get to the root of was blocking me creatively, where I was struggling and how to move forward as an artist"

Kim M., LA

" My tech skills are very limited, learning new AI tips and tools was the game changer I needed for my creative career"

Next Live Group Session 

January 7, 2023


$111/month for 6 months

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