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Art and Business for Artists and Creatives

  • Overcome Feelings of Overwhelm and Loneliness on Your Artistic and Creative Journey.

  • Develop a REAL Game Plan and Roadmap for your creative career

  • Gain a Sense of Clarity and Direction

  • Live in Abundance from your creative gifts

12 Week - LIVE Group Coaching

The Framework



Taking time to develop as an artist and uncover a creative divine mindset is crucial for personal growth and artistic fulfillment. Embracing the role of creator allows artists to tap into a deeper understanding of the human experience and communicate profound messages through their work. Exploring and understanding one's unique voice as a creative is essential as it enables artists to express their authentic self and share their perspective with the world. Engaging in sacred practices, such as meditation, ritual, or connecting with nature, enhances creativity by cultivating a deeper connection to the source of inspiration. However, it is important to balance these practices with periods of isolation, providing artists the space to reflect, introspect, and recharge their creative energies. Ultimately, investing time in these aspects empowers artists to create meaningful and impactful art that resonates with both themselves and others.

In this very first section of the journey we will explore and uncover your DIVINE creative mindset


- Exploring and Understanding Your Voice as a Creative

- Sacred Practices to Enhance Creativity

- Isolation


In this section of the journey we take a deep dive into your creative portfolio and potential. We take time to identify your style, your artistic voice and answer questions such as:

- What have you done on your artistic journey so far?

-What do you want to do long term on your journey?

-What do you want to stop doing?

- What would you like to begin doing now?


Embarking on an art career is akin to running a marathon rather than a sprint, emphasizing the significance of setting long-term goals. Developing patience becomes vital as artists navigate the journey towards their aspirations. Building relationships and seeking collaborations offer valuable opportunities for growth and exposure. Equally important is creating a well-thought-out plan for one's art career, which serves as a roadmap to success. This plan includes both short-term and long-term goals, allowing for tangible milestones along the way. However, artists must also allow space for change and growth, recognizing that flexibility is crucial in adapting to evolving circumstances and artistic development. By embracing these principles, artists can foster resilience, chart their artistic path, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the art world with purpose and determination while leaving from room for the ebb and flow of divine inspiration. 

In the Market

In this section of the journey we dive deep into how to effectively access the market in your specific niche through creating a business strategy that works for you.


Topics Covered 

  • Visually Designing Your Business Model

  • Identifying Your Specific Market

  • Identifying Your Specific Target Audience 

  • Developing Systems

    •  Website Review or Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Creative Collaborations
  • Art Licensing and More


In this section of the course we dive deep into the networking section of the course we deep dive into networking for introverts and artists. We throw out traditional networking practices and dive into networking to create real and authentic connections which can lead to sales and amazing opportunities for you and your art.

Topics Covered:

  • How to Develop Authentic Connections and Conversations Around Your Art

  • Online Networking for Artists and Creatives


In this section of the journey we evaluate your journey through the process and identify what tools and resources you may need to further serve you on your journey. 


"I really did not know where to begin. Working with you helped me to unravel my thoughts and create a real business plan for my art journey."


"Ms. Francis is my favorite teacher. I finally felt like someone really  understood me and my dreams as an artist"

K. Thompson

"Working with Myesha is like a breathe of fresh air. She really listens and is generous with her knowledge and talent."


Your Coach

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Myesha Francis

Myesha Francis is an accomplished artist, creative entrepreneur and teacher. She believes in the power of art to change and impact lives.

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