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Art and Business for Artists and Creatives

  • Overcome Feelings of Overwhelm and Loneliness on Your Artistic and Creative Journey.

  • Develop a REAL Game Plan and Roadmap for your creative career

  • Gain a Sense of Clarity and Direction

  • Live in Abundance from your creative gifts

12 Week - LIVE Group Coaching

The Framework



In this very first section of the journey we will explore and uncover your DIVINE creative mindset

- Creator as Prophet 

- Exploring and Understanding Your Voice as a Creative

- Sacred Practices to Enhance Creativity

- Isolation


In this section of the journey we take a deep dive into your creative portfolio and potential. We take time to identify your style, your artistic voice and answer questions such as:

- What have you done?

-What do you want to do?

-What do you want to stop doing?

- What would you like to begin doing?


In this section of the journey we explore how to create and foster creative opportunities that are not based solely upon your production effort, but rather from the fruit of your creative labor. In this section we will cover how to develop creative programming such as licensing, online art courses and Creative Collaborations. 


Topics Covered:

  • Setting Intentions​​

  • Long Term Visioning for Your Art Career

  • Trusting the ebb and flow of divine inspiration to create

In the Market

In this section of the journey we dive deep into how to effectively access the market in your specific niche through creating a business strategy that works for you.


Topics Covered 

  • Visually Designing Your Business Model

  • Identifying Your Specific Market

  • Identifying Your Specific Target Audience 

  • Developing Systems

    •  Website Review or Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Creative Collaborations
  • Art Licensing and More


In this section of the course we dive deep into the networking section of the course we deep dive into networking for introverts and artists. We throw out traditional networking practices and dive into networking to create real and authentic connections which can lead to sales and amazing opportunities for you and your art.

Topics Covered:

  • How to Develop Authentic Connections and Conversations Around Your Art

  • Online Networking for Artists


In this section of the journey we evaluate your journey through the process and identify what tools and resources you may need to further serve you on your journey. 


"I really did not know where to begin. Working with you helped me to unravel my thoughts and create a real business plan for my art."


"Ms. Francis is my favorite teacher. I finally felt like someone really  understood me and my dreams as an artist"

K. Thompson

"Working with Myesha is like a breathe of fresh air. She really listens and is generous with her knowledge and talent."


Your Coaches

Myesha Head Shot White Background.jpg

Myesha Francis

Myesha Francis is an accomplished artist, creative entrepreneur and teacher. She believes in the power of art to change and impact lives.

tronn (1).jpg

Tronn Moller

Tronn Moller is a business coach, facilitator and teacher. His unique approach uses visual thinking tools to help people and organizations be innovative, strategic, and make an impact.

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