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Join the Community

and Unleash Your Creativity

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A Community for Artists by Artists

Art and Ascenion
for Artist and Creatives

  • Commune and connect with other like-minded artists and creatives

  • Overcome feeling lost, lonely and confused on your journey

  • Get Real Solutions and Direction for Creating More Abundance on Your Creative Journey

  • Unleash Your Creativity

What's included

  • Monthly Group Meetup with Creatively Yours Myesha and Industry Experts for support and to help you work through your creative challenges 

  • Monthly Group Meetup with Busines and Art Industry Experts  to help you find new money making opportunities and solutions  in the arts and creative industries

  • 27 Day Creativity Challenge (free for members)

  • Guided Meditations

  • Special Creative Workshops

  • 50% Discount on All workshops (including 27 Creativity Challenge)

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Your Guides

Upcoming Events
(more 2023 Event Posting Soon!)


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