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Paint YOUR Passion

and Unleash Your Creativity


Paint Your Passion 

is a powerful creative experience to help you not only explore your creativity through painting but also to relax mind, body and spirit as well as release and express your innermost passions through the powerful medium of art.

By The End of Your Paint Your Passion Session

you will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to unleash your creativity even more!

  What's included

  • Guided meditation to help you get ready to paint your heart's passion

  • Step by step guided instruction of a painting based on the theme of your choice

  • Unpacking Session where you explore, share and unpack what has come up for you during your time painting and creating.

Plus Option - Recommended

  • The plus option includes a very special "unpacking" session with Kimasa Mooi-Ife, a gifted creative, healer and sacred adornment stylist whose passion lies in helping women to uncover their passions, find balance and soar into their purpose as a woman. 

pic of Myesha with brushes.jpg

"Relax and release, one brushstroke at a time"

4 Themed Options to Choose From

Paint Your Passion Session - 

Option 1

A truly relaxing and Rejuvenating Experience

Sometimes a moment of peace and tranquility is all you need. Experience the peace of painting in this session as we use cool colors to help you relax and release. 

peace painting.png
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Express Yourself

Time to Unwind and Let it All Hang Out!

Girls just wanna have fun! And Guys (smile) 

This session is all about turning up fun! Paired with a glass of wine and the best music vibs, this session is designed to tickle your party vibes

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Paint Your Passion Session - Option 2

Calling in Love

Whether you are deep in the throws of love or seek to call in more love to your life, this session will help you connect with your heart in order to call in more love to your life,

Abstract Heart.png
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Paint Your Passion - Option 4 

Let it Flow

Let it Flow is the flavor of the hour here. In this session you are welcome to let loose and express yourself however you feel. 

This session is all about YOU and your personal self expression!

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