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Creatively Yours Myesha

Creatively Yours Myesha (CYM) 
is a platform that aims to provide ongoing mentorship, professional development, and financial literacy support to artists and creatives to help navigate the challenges of the art  world. CYM does this through offering classes, workshops and one on one mentoring, coaching and support. CYM also offers visual art created by the creative force behind CYM, Myesha Francis, who creates inspiring original paintings and multi-media artworks. 

About Myesha Francis

"My creative journey began many years ago as a professional artist and gallery owner where I faced the challenges of navigating the art world with limited mentorship and financial education.


It was these firsthand experiences that gave birth to CYM, a platform founded on the realization that many artists and creatives encounter obstacles due to the absence of ongoing mentorship, professional development, and financial literacy.


My mission is to be who I needed when I first started out on my creative journey

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