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5 Important Lessons I have learned about life from painting jazz art...

  1. Let it Flow - This is the biggest lesson and undoubtedly the hardest one. However, once mastered it feels like butter. Smooth baby! Most of us often choose to swim against the tide because we believe hard work is what gets the best results. While that may be true with some lines of work, it does not work with painting. With painting, my best results have come when I don't struggle or strain, push or pull but when I just relax and let things flow!

  1. Improvise - Much like jazz music, the real flavor of expressive painting is in improvising. Often times, I don't have the exact color or thing I'd like

to use in my painting and so I improvise. I love to use gold foil in my work, but if I don't have any, I use anything from my candy bar wrapper to dried metallic paint.

  1. Patience - I love to build up layers in my work, however, if the process is rushed then it will turn into a hot muddy mess. I have learned the hard way to walk away and come back to the painting when the time is right. Sometimes that could be just a few minutes or overnight.

  2. Rhythm - Every work of art has a rhythm, a balance, a beat. It is so important to follow the rhythm of what is coming to life on canvas.

  3. Perseverance - Believe you me, I have torn up enough canvases to know that quitting

is not the answer! A better answer is to work through problems and experiments that turn into hot messes - never give up.

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