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Back to the Basics

When I was younger surrender came easy. I didn’t even know I was surrendering- but I was. I was just flowing with life. Whatever I wanted to do - I did it. wherever I wanted to go - I went. As things changed and ”real life” bills, obligations and responsibilities came into play, something shifted. Fear of the unknown took hold of me and I stopped flowing. I started pushing and pulling against life. what I now know that struggling with and against lice is futile and very tiresome. After spending some time working through the things that create fear, self doubt and even shame inside of me, I’ve decided to get back to basics and flow. There is no better place and peace than inside of the flow of life.

No pushing or pulling, struggle or strain- just flow. I stand in the power of this moment and wait with patience, presence and peace for a sign that lets me know the next best move to make. Very grateful to all of my coaches and teachers I’ve been working with lately as I’ve been Initiated Back to Self!!!

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