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Let's Get to Work!

So, now we have clarity, a game plan and lots of info. on what to get done, but you still don't konw HOW to do it. 

Working sessions are for artists and creatives who may need step by step tech support in setting up systems such as

  • website
  • marketing
  • channels
  • art licensing presentations
  • setting up your art space in the Metaverse

and more

I will SHOW you how to do it!


Follow Up Sessions are for artists and creatives who have already completed their first two sessions with me. In followup sessions we dig deeper, critique what you have done and come up with a new game plan. 


Gain CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and DIRECTION on your creative journey!

Open, Honest and Insightful feedback is crticial to your success as an artist and creative entrepreneur.


1 on 1 art coaching sessions are specifically for artists who are done sitting on the sidelines or who are ready to take their creative journey to the next level.


Not only will I provide you valuable and experienced insight and feedback on your bodies of work and enrpreneur journey, we will also work together to create strategic plans for your success!


What to expect

-Each session is approximately 1 -2 hours. We may go over a little and that is ok, but please understand that it is impossible to tackle all of your creative issues in one session. We will generally review 1-2 issues per session. 


Examples of what can be covered in one session

- Ucover who you REALLY are as an artist or creative

- Critique a Body of Work

- Look at Your business model and how you are showing up in the market

- Discuss and plan out a new series of work that you desire to work on

- Develop your pricing structure

- Create a marketing plan for a new body of work





Technical Working Session for Artists and Creatives

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