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Creating Your Artist Statement


Objective: By the end of this lesson you will craft your personal artist statement to serve as your guide post on your creative journey as well as inform your audience of what, how and why you create the work you create. 


An artist statement is an artist's personal explanation of their work. The statement helps to give their audience understanding and clarity into their work. 

When crafting your artist statement, It is important to understand not only your vision as an artist but also your overall purpose in life. 

A well crafted artist statement will also serve as a guide so that no matter what body of work you are working on,  you will spend time creating with clarity and from a place of authentic POWER and purpose.

The questions, samples and template in this worksheet will help you to dig deep and uncover your core reason for doing what you do as an artist, as well as help you to stay focused and committed on your journey.  Use the questions below to craft your unique artist statement. 

Artist Statement Worksheet

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