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This 1 on 1 online session is an intimate painting experience where you get to choose the painting and vibe of the session. 


You can choose from four options 

1. Painting In Peace

2. Calling In Love

3. Fun Vibes

3. Let it Flow


What's included


  • Guided meditation to help you get ready to paint your heart's passion

  • Step by step guided instruction of a painting based on the theme of your choice

  • talk about and unpack what has come up for you during your time painting



Supply List 

- 16" x 20" Canvas or larger 

- acrylic paintbrushes (small, medium and large)

- red, yellow, blue, black and white acrylic paint

- cup of water for rinsing

- towel or rag to wipe brush

- paper plate or other flat surface to use for painting palette


Optional supplies

- apron



How long do sessions typically last

Paint Your Passion sessions typically last 1- 2 hours


Do I need to have painting experience?

No, experience is not neccessary


How do I choose the painting we will create together?

Once you have booked your session, you will reciee an email to confirm your date and time and a link to the painting catalog. 


Can I make painting suggestions?

Yes, you sure can, howeer plese keep in mind that the painting your choose must be a beginner level painting that can be completed in under 2 hours. 


How can I check with you to make sure the date and time I would like is available before I book?

You can contact me in 2 easy ways

1. Send a text to (504) 931-1915 or

2. Send an email to

- I will respond to texts almost immediately(that's the best way to contact me for dates!)

Paint Your Passion 1 on 1 Session

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