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Taking inspired action is one of the most potent and powerful tools we have in living and thriving as artists and creatives. It liberates us from the exhausting pursuit of 'figuring it all out,' instead placing us in perfect harmony with a divinely guided 'flow.' You see, "Inspired action" refers to taking actions or making decisions that are guided by a deep sense of intuition, purpose, or passion. It's the idea that when you are inspired, you are more likely to act in alignment with your true desires, values, and goals.


The journey as an artist and creative is a tapestry woven with years of trial and error. The journey readily reveals that attempting to decipher every intricate detail, perfect timing, or key relationship needed for success as a full-time artist is a near-impossible feat. Rather, the foundation of artistic success lies in the act of surrender and the continuous commitment to taking inspired actions, moment by moment, day by day.


When we embrace 'taking inspired action,' doubt loses its grip, for we are now attuned to something greater, deeper and wider than our fleeting thoughts or impulses from the mind. We connect with a profound sense of existence. 


In this state, there remains only one imperative—to unify mind, heart, and body and surrender to 'the flow.'"


"This book shares how taking inspired action as an artist and creative strengthens your connection to your purpose, creates more ease and flow on your journey and  guides you to creating your most impactful work.


Taking Inspired Action - EBook

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