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Art and Release
Workshop Bundle

​Break Free From

  • Creative Blocks

  • Self Doubt 

  •  Procrastination


The Art and Release Workshop Bundle is a powerful tool that takes you on a guided journey to help you relax, release and freely express yourself creatively.  


What You Will Receive in this
Special Workshop Bundle


Step by Step Color Mixing Demo

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Color mixing guide.jpg


Abstract Painting Demo help you get started on your expressive painting journey.

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Demo Abstract painting.PNG


Art Journaling Worksheet to help you unpack your thoughts, feelings and emotions that may have come up for you during your creative session.

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Art Journaling Worksheet.png


Guided Meditation to help you prepare your heart and mind to paint and release.

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Artandreleaseguidied meditation pic for landing page.png

Short talk on the meaning and power of colors.

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The Power of Color Pic.png


Art Supply List

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Watercolor Paints


"This workshop and process is a true treasure that I have revisited again and again. Thank you for creating this resource."

" I love how after doing this workshop I felt free to just create with a sense of freedom and lightheartedness"


This workshop is for your if ...

You need to release and refocus in order to do your best creative work in the world. 

You know that stillness speaks and you are ready to get back to your creative center. 

You have a creative soul and love new ways to express yourself creatively.

You are looking for powerful ways to destress and have a little fun!

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