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One on One Artist Mentoring

"Supporting Artists, Their Visions and Goals"

You Are Not Alone

I want to talk to YOU ... Yes, you. _)_I

Myesha Francis 
Artist/ Teacher / Mentor

You are not alone. Trust me, I know that there can be many lonely and frustrating nights with only your canvas, paints and dreams to keep you warm. 

The one on one mentoring program is designed to help you create and define your vision with clarity, share, learn and grow. 


Support Support Support

The one on one mentoring program is a special program for artists who are serious about making their mark in the world through their art. In this program we create a safe space for you to share, explore and work through problems in art and the business of art.


This program is designed to help you 

1. Set Goals

2. Develop Your Personal Style

3. Receive vital feedback, critique and support through the highs and lows of being an artist.

Shipping day! “Do what you love and you

Includes personal guidance through

Art and Business for New and Emerging Artists: 


  1. Vision (Creating with Clarity)

  2. Intention

  3. Newtork

  4. Marketing

  5. Out of the Box 

Due to the personal nature of this program, I can only accept five participants per year. 

Please fill out the below application if you ware intrested in this program. I promise to bein touch as soon as possible!

Mentorship Package Options

3 Month Option


6 Month Option


One Year Option


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